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October 19, 2016 No Comments

Product IN DEVELOPMENT – Quick release LED keyring torch

Attach to your keychain and never be without a handy torch. Simply pull the torch to detach from the karabiner and activate the light automatically. When finished with reattach to the magnetic base and the light will turn off. The strong magnet will hold the torch securely and prevent it easily and accidentally detaching.   […]

October 12, 2016 No Comments

NEW product for HALLOWEEN – Pocket torch

The perfect lighting companion for trick-or-treating! A compact, lightweight and powerful torch that will easily fit into your pocket or can be carried using the wrist strap. Available in orange and black colours so perfectly themed for Halloween but also a great handy torch to help you navigate through the dark winter evenings.   Model: […]

October 5, 2016 No Comments

NEW product – COB LED keyring torches

The COB LED keyring torches have numerous features making them an extremely versatile lighting solution. The quick fit karabiner ensures they can be attached easily to your keychain so you are never be without a handy torch. A built-in magnet on the base means it can be attached to magnetic surfaces for hands-free illumination. With both red and white COB […]

September 28, 2016 No Comments

Product IN DEVELOPMENT – LED bobble light

The LED bobble light is not just a fun lighting solution for the children but also a handy light you can use anywhere for a reassuring comfort and safety. Simply tap the base of the light on any surface to illuminate. The bottom section of the light is a higher density than the top and […]

September 21, 2016 No Comments

FUN with torches – Back to the Future fancy dress

A few Uni-Com torches, some discarded cardboard boxes, a roll of duct tape and a “couple” of lunch breaks and what do you have… the most awesome fancy dress couple costumes EVER!   One Uni-Com employee made the costumes for a recent party. Dr. Emmett Brown driving his Delorean. Marty McFly and his hover board. […]

September 12, 2016 No Comments

NEW product – Triple pack remote control sockets

Every house has those hard to reach plug sockets tucked behind the sofa or a cupboard that are quite simply a pain to operate. The remote control sockets can be used to effortlessly turn on and off household appliances at the click of a button. Each socket can be operated separately or together using the […]


Door chimes

With wireless and wired options in both classic and contemporary designs, we have a door chime solution for every home and business to ensure a caller is never missed.

Portable and plug-in models incorporate the latest wireless technology to ensure superior performance, with extensive operating ranges and high quality chime sounds.

All wireless models work together, ensuring no compatibility issues when wanting to extend a door chime set up with an additional Uni-Com door chime or bell push.


A comprehensive range of the latest LED torches, with models to cover every requirement!


Heavy duty, high power lighting for pinpoint illumination over a long distance.

Additional features include adjustable handles, carry straps and integrated work lights.

Rechargeable options using mains, 12V car and USB adaptors.

Utility lights

Portable and multi LED lights that provide a wide array of illumination.

Built-in hanging hooks, magnets and belt clips for hands-free use to concentrate on the task at hand.

Ideal companion for tradesmen, DIY projects and use all around the home.


Free standing, hanging or carried lighting that project 360° illumination to the surrounding area.

Safe to use battery powered lanterns with rechargeable options using mains or 12V car adaptors.

Perfect for use when camping or backup lighting in the event of a power cut.

Head torches

Hands-free illumination for pinpoint proximity lighting, wide beam mobility lighting or focused distance lighting.

Adjustable head straps ensure the head torch is fitted securely with comfort.

Ideal companion for tradesmen, sports activities and use all around the home.

Home lighting

Convenient soft reassuring LED lighting for comfort and safety all around the home.

Night lights ensure children never need to be afraid of the dark and provide safe passage through your home at night.

Quick fit push and sensor lights illuminate cupboards, sheds and other dark areas not covered by mains power lighting.

Bike lights

Provide clear coverage and vision to see what is ahead of you on the road and cycle paths at night, also help you stay safe and be seen by other road users.

Steady and flashing options come as standard for increased visibility.

Quick release mounting brackets ensure no time is wasted at the start and end of your journey.


Automatically turn appliances on and off at your convenience making your home energy efficient and secure.

Lights can be switched on and off in random patterns or manually programmed times to make your home look occupied when you are out.